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yuba city artificial turf company, synthetic grass
yuba city artificial turf company, synthetic grass

fake grass san jose, waterless grass, californiaMiller’a Synthetic Turf is one of the state’s leading artificial grass installation companies, and we have the customer reviews to prove it. In fact, we have such a high volume of 5 star ratings from people we’ve serviced that we recently became Diamond Certified, a status only given to companies that achieve near perfect reviews from their customers.

Our company started 10 years ago and since then we’ve prided ourselves on offering competitive pricing and completing installation projects on time. Including prep we can replace your real lawn in 1-2 days. all of our employees are highly trained and we don't subcontract projects like some other companies. To top it off we use American made eco-friendly products that are durable, 100% recyclable and 100% safe.

If you’re thinking of switching to an artificial lawn, read more to understand the cost savings, durability and utility Miller’s Synthetic Turf can provide you. We also have have reviews from real customers who speak to how realistic our artificial grass actually looks. Call us today at 844-639-8873


Artificial Lawns for Front or Backyards | Yuba City Residents

san jose artificial turf company, synthetic grassSwitching to an artificial lawn for your home or business is easy. Our experts can customize the turf to meet the contours of your yard and work around any permanent landscape or fixtures.

First we remove the existing sod and vegetation. Next, we install a base using a special blend of crushed rock (2" – 4" depth). The artificial grass is then rolled onto the surface of the base and seamed together if necessary (turf widths are 15'.) Then the infill material is is spread over the top of the grass using a fertilizer spreader and brushed to the bottom.

The grass product type and what the lawn will be used for determine the type and amount of infill. Note that we never use potentially hazardous material like crumb rubber. Installation for synthetic putting greens is similar but there are additional layers of base materials that need to be thoroughly compacted.

Drainage can be improved compared to natural grass. Our artificial turf has perforated holes in its backing that allows water to drain into the blended rock base below the artificial turf. Different blends of crushed rock are used for different applications, depending on permeability needs.


Artificial Turf and Grass Can Lead to Huge Savings for Yuba City Residents

We expect most of our customers to recoup their investment in artificial grass in just 3-5 years. Over the lifetime of the product, which we expect to be 25 years, people can save tens of thousands of dollars. For large projects like sports fields the savings can be exponentially more.

Artificial grass eliminates the need for many time and resource wasting items. Herbicides and pesticides are no longer necessary. You can also get rid of your mower. The need to update of fix sprinkler systems that break is also gone. 

On top of the savings that show up in your bank account, there’s the fact that you’re conserving the state’s most precious resource - water. Hundreds of gallons of water over many years of use are saved when people switch to an artificial lawn. In some cases, the bills you get for water usage may decrease up to 50%. It's been estimated that an 800 square foot yard can use as much as 44,000 gallons of water per yer!

Learn more about much artificial grass installation costs and what it can save you. Our service areas in NorCal include: 


Financing Options for Artificial Turf Installation in Yuba City

Buying a home is a huge goal for individuals and families, so it's only fitting that they have a backyard they love.  Miller's Synthetic Turf can create a backyard that provides years of peace, safety and solitude for you and your family. With partnerships in place like the ones we have with PACE funding & Green Sky Financial, it's never been easier to create the landscape you've always envisioned. Some of the bonuses associated with financing through us include:

  • Zero-down financing
  • Low interest rates
  • Non-FICO based financing options
  • Generous income consideration for credit-based financing
  • 30 second decisions

Contact us today using the number below and we’ll start working on putting in place your perfect artificial lawn.

san jose artificial grass installation turf company