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placerville artificial grass, turf installation
placerville artificial grass, turf installation

Miller’s Synthetic Turf is a 5-star Sacramento & Bay Area artificial grass company. Founded 10 years ago, we have employed the philosophy of “customer service” first. The result is that we’re officially a diamond certified business - a status that can only be achieved when you have an overwhelming paumber of amazing reviews. After 100 of our past customers were surveyed by the DC organization, we ended up with an average score of 97.8 / 100. Nothing speaks more to our quality product and professional implementation.

We specialize in artificial grass and turf projects for homes, businesses, government facilities and sports fields. Our experts have completed projects ranging from custom backyard putting greens to huge front yard remodels. In total, we've replace over 1 million square of natural grass with our artificial turf. 

To get started on your project, call  844-639-8873 (TURF) today. Continue reading to learn more about the strength of our product, how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors, the return on investment when going with an artificial lawn and our flexible financing options. We also have articles that break down the pros and cons of artificial grass, and synthetic grass' many benefits. 


High Quality Artificial Grass Lawns in Placervillefake grass napa california

If you’re considering artificial lawns for your home or business, it’s important to know that not all synthetic grass or turf is created equal. Miller’s has one of the best products in the entire state, and unlike some turf companies, we don’t cut corners.

We rigorously test our turf for durability and environmental friendliness. All of our products are 100% recyclable and the infill material we use is eco-friendly. Furthermore, our synthetic grass is made in the USA.

We back our product with a 10 year warranty, although we expect it will last 25 years. During the installation process we pin down the turf with 5 inch non-corrosive spikes that are spaced approximately 4-6 inches apart, ensuring your new lawn stays put.

Our grass does not change color, even when there are pet stains. It is 100% safe for children and animals. While some turf companies use lead, we absolutely do not. We also never use crumb rubber fill. Even while the artificial grass has sunlight bearing down on it, there's no risk it will lose color. That's because we apply built-in UV inhibitors. 

Miller's uses 100% polyethylene fibers. Customers can choose from a wide range of blade options, with different sizes and lengths. The synthetic grass' backing comes from materials such as polyurethane, dual layered woven polypropylene, nylon and duraflo. 


Artificial Grass Maintenance Questions for Placerville, California Installations

The first thing folks want to know about waterless grass are what, if any, maintenance requirements there are. We’re happy to inform you that you will never have to turn the sprinklers on again. Aside from removing leaves or debris that accumulate over weeks with some light hosing, there’s nothing you need to do to keep your lawn looking freshly cut and green.

There’s also no need for a  gas mower, which contributes greatly to the overall air pollution in this country. Similarly, you will no longer need to buy or use fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

With the amount of water you save on top of eliminating all the traditional maintenance costs that go with normal grass, you’re likely to recoup your investment in just 3-5 years. A normal size lawn can consume as much as 40+ thousand gallons of water in a single year, something the state of California simply can't afford. When we're struck by drought, it's not uncommon for water departments, neighborhoods or counties to come up with new watering rules. These regulations, when violated, can result in numerous fines. With a waterless, artificial lawn you can save yourself the headache. 

Every dollar saved from installing artificial grass is money in your bank account. We expect customers to save tens of thousands over the lifetime of the product. For more information about the cost and savings of artificial grass, click here.


Screenshot 2017-02-17 at 4.12.10 PMPet and Kid Friendly Artificial Grass Products

Your pets can be rough on grass, constantly scratching and digging . The incredibly strong synthetic turf that our Sacramento and Bay Area artificial grass company uses can take the abuse.

Your dog will love our synthetic turf because it looks and feels like a real lawn. Miller’s Synthetic Turf products were designed for dogs specifically. The unique drainage system we install with our product keeps your lawn super clean.

Installing artificial grass for your dog eliminates the effort and time spent with damaged lawns, dead spots, and offers relief from dreadful muddy paw prints which can ruin a clean carpet in an instant. 


Placerville Residents - Call for Financing Options and An Immediate Quote 844-639-8873(TURF)

Miller’s is proud to offer competitive pricing for your next synthetic lawn project. We’re also fast and efficient at getting you an accurate quote and explaining your different financing options. The typical cost per square foot is $10-$12. We’re accepting zero down payment right now to help you get started. We also partner with PACE funding and Green Sky financial and can offer benefits such as:

  • Low interest rates.
  • Non-FICO based financing options.
  • Generous income consideration for credit-based financing.

Call 916-899-6660 or email us today at info@millerssyntheticturf.com.