Our pet friendly artificial grass has been puppy-roll and kitty-scratch tested. As a NorCal synthetic grass installation company, we offer a full range of products to accommodate different usages and budgets. Whether your grass is primarily for achieving a rich green vista or for accommodating hard-core play, we’ve got your needs, and your top soil, covered.

There are many types of artificial grass available on the market today. It comes, literally, in all shapes and sizes. Grass blades can be taller, shorter, thinner or wider.  Padding can be sufficient or quite plush. Infill can be of lesser or more quality. When it comes to our furry friends – and all of our customers – safety tops the list of Miller’s artificial turf priorities; followed in short order by beauty, durability, maintainability, and play-ability. Continue reading to learn why you should get artificial grass for your pets today!

pet friendly artificial turf


Where Is Artificial Grass Used?

Anywhere and everywhere. We’ve installed our low maintenance, eco-friendly grass on private lawns, in public parks, on golf courses and sports fields, in public dog runs and kennels – and more. Miller’s has been in the artificial turf business for over 10 years and we’ve really seen the turf product evolve. We are always striving to provide our customers with what we know to be the best of what’s available.


How We Provide Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Pets love our grass because they can have fun on it. With the exception of digging holes (which most of us would prefer they didn’t do on real or fake grass – hole digging will have to be reserved for field trips only), pets can do just about everything they want to . . . run, jump, roll, scratch, fetch, shed, slobber, pee. Let’s face it, dogs aren’t always elegant – but they are cute and sweet and loyal and they love us. That’s why we do all we can to give them love back.

This brings us to another outstanding feature of fake grass. Because it is fake, it isn’t a home for ticks, fleas or other itchy pests. It also helps to promote a more allergy-free outdoor space for everyone. And, just imagine what it would feel like to sit out on your turf in the evening without being bothered by mosquitoes.

Our pet friendly grass also feels natural. Because every square foot is backed with a pliable base layer that many natural lawns can’t offer, it’s comfy to roll around for hours on. For even more wonderful lawn softness, additional thickness and padding options are available to you.
artificial grass for pets

Why Do Pet Owners Love Our Safe Synthetic Grass?

Pet owners love our grass because it’s tough and resilient. It can stand up to some of the ‘ruff’est play. It’s almost impossible to rip or tear our turf and our best practice installation methods keep it in place. Many of our customers have noticed that, after years of use, our artificial grass looks as lush as it did on installation day. And, they love the fact that pets come in from playing mud-free. Pets can come and go from outdoors to in without dragging part of your lawn with them. They can also go out more quickly after it rains as there isn’t wet mud to deal with and because artificial grass dries much more quickly than natural grass.

Our artificial grass systems incorporate drainage features similar to real grass (only faster). Not only will it stand up to years (usually decades) of weather conditions, when there is pet pee to deal with, a little bit of water will send it on through to the ground beneath. Bigger pet messes can be scooped as usual and rinsed with a little soapy water. Our artificial grass won’t stain or stink from pet messes, either.

Speaking of water . . . your water usage will start to show your return on investment right away, lowering your carbon footprint as well as your bills. You could be spending more money on gourmet biscuits – or obedience training, or just keeping it in the bank.

With artificial grass, you’ll also save money, time and space in a few other areas:

Lawn care equipment. You won’t need to purchase or maintain any. Just think of all the extra space your garage will have after you sell that big mower and ditch that rusty old trimmer (and the expenses that accompany them) – not to mention the space in your budget. You won’t need to hire lawn care crews either. Though it is possible for very determined weeds to find their way through artificial turf, our weed barriers help to prevent this. Sometimes, a weed preventing or killing solution may be necessary to apply. The good news here is, there are lots of options available that are 100% organic, and pet and eco safe.

An important note in the interest of planet and puppy safety: When selecting artificial grass, particularly for pet and sports field use, 100% non-toxic infill is of utmost importance. So, in the case that your dog might decide to get up a little league game on your front lawn, we’ve got this covered too.


Cost, ROI of Pet Friendly Synthetic Grass

Though it may be a bit costlier to purchase and install compared to natural grass, you can’t put a price on the safety of your loved ones, fuzzy or not. On average our customers recoup their investment in 3-5 years. The rest of the time you’re making a profit.

And we won’t short-change pets (or you) on quality. Our products are some of the best in the industry and are all American made. The average cost of artificial grass installation is $10-$12 per square foot. Paying any less than that puts you at risk of living with an inferior, low durability product in your backyard.

Grass and sod replacement; re-seeding. No such thing – it’s not real grass! This means that it stays full and green. Visiting animals won’t (because they can’t) eat it. Drought and heat won’t burn it out. Your lawn always looks freshly-mowed, trimmed and manicured. One important note on heat – although our artificial grass is comprised of the best materials possible and incorporated built-in UV inhibitors – all artificial grass does get hotter than regular grass. Please feel free to ask us any questions you have about this. We can even make suggestions that will help to keep your grass cooler.

Seasonal treatments and fertilizers. Nope. You won’t need to spend time or money on these either.

At Miller’s, all of our artificial grass products meet the most stringent standards in safety testing and quality. We take pride in our work. Every preparation and installation job we do is different and we prioritize every project – that’s how we got Diamond Certified. Please call us at 916-899-6660 to tell us about what your needs are and learn how we can help.