most realistic artificial grassAs of today, we have 57 reviews on Yelp with an average rating of 4.9 / 5 stars. We mention this because the most realistic artificial grass won't come from companies that cut corners, put profits over customer service, and don't engage in rigorous testing and research. Our reviews are proof that we only use the highest quality products.

The artificial grass industry is not new, and the founder of Miller's Synthetic Turf, Jason Miller, has been in business for over 10 years. He's seen the improvement and added realism of artificial turf products over the years, and he also understands that how realistic a homeowners lawn will look is a big determining factor in whether or not they will make the worthwhile investment in replacing their current yard. 

But he's also seen, as the industry has experienced rapid growth, imitators who use low quality, phony looking grass that similarly lacks in durability. These types of lawns are easy to spot, look overly cookie cutter, and disrupt the aesthetic feel of a person's yard. 

This article will describe the product and process our artificial grass installation company uses, as well as reviews from satisfied customers. If you're having the artificial grass vs real grass debate, you should know that the photos below are 100% authentic. Having run my fingers through the different cuts of our artificial grass, I can assure you that it has an incredibly realistic look and feel.

Realisitc Artificial Grass Photo Gallery

most realistic artificial grass, turf
most realistic artificial grass, turf
most realistic artificial grass
top rated artificial turf
top rated artificial turf
top rated artificial turf

What Customers Say About Our Realistic Looking Artificial Grass

The following reviews can be found on our Yelp profile page. Because we have such an overwhelming proportion of perfect reviews from customers, we recently took part in the Diamond Certification process. To become a Diamond Certified company, real people who have done business with you are contacted and surveyed about their experience. We're happy to say we passed, with over 97% of customers saying they loved their experience with us. Read these comments and reviews about the many benefits of our artificial grass

"We had a sample from another company which we really liked and compared it to what Miller's was offering and we liked Miller's offering better.  One of the main criteria was how real the synthetic turf looked. Two other neighbors have contracted with Miller's to have turf installed and a third neighbor is seriously considering it." - Geoff K., Foster City, CA

"Other samples I had looked into at places like Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, and ever other local synthetic installers,  felt more like shredded plastic compared to what Miller's product, which looks and feels like real grass.  I used a pair of pliers to tug at the strands of grass from the sample to see how easy it could pull out.  Hard as I could, that grass did not budge from it matting." - Doreen L, Sacramento, CA

"The new lawns look beautiful and real, in fact so much so that we had to leave a sign for our gardener not to mow the new lawns!" - Jeffrey W., Moraga, CA

"Great looking grass. Looks real and stays green all year.  I have a dog and the grass has held up nicely." - Beth L., Rocklin, CA

"The grass looks real and I am glad they use sand for their infill instead of shredded tires. Keep up the good work!" - Margaret H., Los Gatos, CA

"I waited to write a review because I wanted to show how the grass looks after multiple seasons.  I have zero issues!! People ask me if its real sometimes.  I'm very pleased and highly recommend Millers!!" - Karla V., Fairfield, CA

We've definitely got some of the best artificial grass reviews on the web. The photos above come from actual, finished projects by our installation experts. The reason these lawns look so real and professionally done is because all workers at the company are trained to use the industries best practices. We begin by removing any vegetation or sod, and then installing a base of crushed rock that's roughly two to four inches deep.

Before we place your new artificial lawn on the surface, we smooth out the base of crushed rock, ensuring there are no bumps. The turf we lay is seamed tightly together - it's unnoticeable to the human eye that these are individual strips of grass. To add even more to the realistic feel, we spray eco-friendly infill material over the entire lawn. The amount of infill depends on the product type or size, along with the uses for your yard or sports field.

Lastly, the edges are pinned down with 5 inch non-corrosive spikes that are spaced approximately 4-6 inches apart. These spikes are not visible and disappear behind the 1-2.5 inch blades of new grass. 

The Best Artificial Grass Products 

From our company's founding, we believed that the way to make customers happy was to only use the best artificial grass. To ensure this was the case, we took the time to develop relationships with manufacturers who were considered leaders in the industry. Their products met the highest standards, not only related to look and feel, but longevity and strength. Even the biggest pets won't be able to damage our turf. We back up our grass with a 10 year warranty, but we expect it to last a quarter century. 

The decision to switch the lawn at your home, business, sports field or other location is not one you make overnight. Many buyers will search for reviews or look up pictures of the product to gauge its realism. But we offer something even better - we invite anyone to visit our Dublin or Sacramento office and feel the synthetic grass products for yourself. You can touch, feel and examine the color of our grass. We have no doubt it will meet your expectations and satisfy your concerns about installing artificial turf. 


Keep The Realism, Lose the Maintenance & Help the Environment

A couple things you should know when you consider going with an artificial lawn. For one, you can save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water over the lifetime of the product. On average, we estimate 56,000 gallons per year for homeowners. Some districts even offer incentives for homeowners so they'll make the switch. 

We completely stay away from controversial or possibly dangerous materials like rubber crumb infill or lead. You will not find either of those in our 100% recyclable products. Miller's is a proud affiliate of the EPA's Greenscapes program, which promotes the conservation of natural resources, reducing pollution and eliminating waste. 

With an artificial lawn, you'll no longer need potentially harmful fertilizers, pesticides or other lawn care products. You can also say goodbye to afternoons out in the hot sun riding around on your mower. Your new lawn will always look freshly cut. The only maintenance is some light hosing or use of a leaf blower to clear off debris every few weeks. 

Everything we use is made in the USA. So not only will you help the environment, you'll also keep your hard earned dollars in your state's economy. In closing, you can stop wondering about the pros and cons of artificial grass, because they're almost all pros. 

You can get started on installing artificial grass for your home or business by calling 844-639-8873 (TURF) or emailing We can provide you a free, no obligation quote today. Thanks for reading.