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woodland fake, artificial grass
woodland CA fake, artificial grass

Woodland Area Artificial Grass Lawns | Low Maintenance, Long-term Savings

The many benefits of artificial turf make it an attractive option for homeowners, commercial properties and government facilities. Therefore it's not surprising that Woodland, CA has seen a growing interest in turf installation companies who can get the job done right.

Miller's Synthetic Turf has been in business for over a decade, helping customers save big with artificial grass. As the industry has grown, low quality companies that overcharge and under deliver have run rampant. For this reason, Miller's is proud to boast an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Yelp. Similarly we have a 4.8 /5 star rating on HomeAdvisor.

Our artificial turf reviews are so high that we just got Diamond Certified - a prestigious honor that only goes to businesses who achieve excellence in the area of customer service. The DC organization vetted our company and interviewed 100 past customers. We got an average rating of 95+ / 100. We also were able to show we have all the proper insurances and licenses needed to operate safe and soundly in this state. 

You can view our finished artificial lawn installations in the gallery below. With Miller's Synthetic Turf, you'll get the most realistic artificial grass on the market. Continue reading to learn why switching out your natural grass is a such a great benefit for the environment and your bank account. You can also give us a call now to speak with an expert on our team - just dial 916-899-6660.

woodland fake, artificial grass
woodland fake, artificial grass
synthetic lawn, artificial lawn concord CA
faux lawn, artificial lawn woodland CA
faux lawn, artificial lawn woodland CA

Woodland Artificial Turf  | Saving the Environment One Lawn At a Time

In California, we know how valuable and scarce water can be. The drought led to our state pumping tons of ground water, which actually made infrastructure much more vulnerable to cracks and faults. We need a long-term solution to the water crisis, and switching to artificial grass for our homes, sports fields and businesses is the answer. 

It's estimated that on average, half of an entire family's water consumption comes just from lawn watering. So why wouldn't we take advantage of waterless grass? You could save up to 44,000 gallons of water on just an 800 square ft. yard.

In some cases, the savings are so great that counties are offering rebates to homeowners who make the switch. An investment in artificial turf is also an investment in America - all of our products are made in the USA, something that's quite a rarity nowadays. Furthermore we use 100% recyclable materials, making artificial lawns one of the most eco-friendly products you can buy.


waterless grass, concord CASafe Artificial Grass for Woodland Kids and Pets

One of the not-so-safe, no-so-talked about disadvantages of natural lawns is all the pollution that comes from maintaining it. In some cases, people are using leaf blowers or gas mowers that lower air quality. The EPA has even suggested that as much as 5% of all pollution in the country comes from gas mowers.

Similarly, there are pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides that have unnatural chemicals. While these may help with weeds or bugs, they're not always safe for your kids to breathe, or for your pets to roll around in. Expensive, clunky landscape equipment and chemicals are not items you want hanging around in your garage for your children to get into.

You can also avoid the dreaded mud tracks that pets and kids bring into the home, staining your perfectly clean carpet and create more chores for the family. 

Artificial grass can eliminate the need for all of these things, making the air much safer and free of pollutants. And you won't have to keep spending money on all of this maintenance equipment. 


How Woodland Residents Can Work With Miller's Synthetic Turf

Our team of artificial grass experts can help you get started on your installation project today. Call us at 844-639-8873 (TURF) to get a general cost per square foot rate which typically falls in the range of $10-$12. We'll also help you with ways to measure your backyard. If you have photos, you can email them to info@millerssyntheticturf.com. If you're concerned about what size blades to get, if your back or front yard is a good fit for artificial turf, or what your potential savings could be, our specialists can help. We have a diverse range of blades, all made from durably, polyethylene material. 

We provide generous financing options to those who qualify, including zero down payment, low interest rates and non FICO based credit. Let's get started on your dream yard today. Thanks for reading.