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Calculating The Price of Artificial Grass Lawns

When you find yourself running short on time to care for your lawn—or if it hasn’t rained for a while and your lawn has turned brown, you might start to think about installing artificial grass. The truth is you shouldn’t wait until lawn care and costs become so much of a pain you’re forced to switch. Changing your lawn to artificial turf is a great decision all the time.

But what does artificial grass installation cost? Before you take the leap and install an artificial lawn, spend some time looking into pricing options — and the cost of lawn care – for artificial grass. We’ve provided tons of information about pricing and variables to consider below. To learn more about the benefits of artificial lawns, read some of our latest blog posts here:


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Installing Artificial Grass: A Cost Saving Solution for Your Front or Backyard

For some, it’s a real cost saver. The cost of fertilizer, water, and herbicides—not to mention mowing—can be astronomical, particularly in urban and suburban areas. Others are just fed up with the care natural grass requires. In that case, a potential buyer needs to weigh the cost of artificial grass against the cost it takes to maintain natural grass over the lifespan of the synthetic.

As you’ll see, although synthetic grass costs more at the outset but it costs little to maintain and if you go with Miller’s Synthetic Turf, it can last up to 25 years. The average price per square foot for turf, fully installed (labor & materials) is around $10-$12. It can depend on the type of turf (and additional products: gopher mesh, premium infill etc.) you choose and other variables in your yard. Putting greens range from $14-$16 per square foot.

Spending on artificial grass below this price range is risky. You’re likely getting low quality material that doesn’t last as long, meaning your ROI will go way down. Some companies import cheap, fake grass from China that doesn’t compare to our product in terms of look, feel or durability. Don’t be fooled by turf companies that cut corners with weak, imitation material.

Natural sod — also installed — costs less at the outset, at most 60 cents for a square foot. Yet with natural grass comes a slew of expenses every month & every year. Those can add up fast and over time will far out weight your original investment in artificial turf.

For a typical size synthetic lawn, initial costs can run between $3000-$6,500. Keep in mind that larger yards get a per square foot discount. The longevity and lack of upkeep for artificial lawns pay for itself over time. View our ROI chart below. A natural lawn can cost up to $2000 per year depending on its size, while a fake lawn is only $175.

artificial grass cost installation roi chart graph


That’s not all. If you care about drought and water usage – we’re talking to you CA residents – moving away from a natural lawn can save tens of thousands of gallons of water each year.. If you live in an area prone to droughts, some water companies may even offer rebates—as high as one dollar per square foot—when you install artificial grass.


What Variables Can Affect Artificial Grass Installation Costs?

Some of the most common ones are: amount/difficulty of prep work (tree removal, extensive root systems, amount or type of material that needs to be removed, extensive work to drainage system etc.).

Also the ease of access to the actual project site. If it there are steep hills, the need to work over fences or other things that make access difficult and process take longer, this may increase cost. Another variable is the type of turf being installed (turf with longer blades & putting greens typically cost more), the square footage of the project & the difficulty of installation.


Artificial Lawns: A Huge Time Saver

Additionally, with synthetic grass, you save in areas that are less obvious. For example, think about the time you’ll save not having to maintain your yard —about 50-150 hours every year. Even at minimum wage—if you were to pay yourself, that’s anywhere from $500-1500 in savings.


Artificial Grass — A Growing Trend

According to Washington D.C.-area home builder Lisa Gordon, synthetic grass sales have taken off, increasing by ten to 15 percent a year. People buy it not only to create pristine lawns, but for putting greens, pool surrounds, play areas, and dog runs. Learn more about the benefits of artificial grass putting greens and getting artificial grass for your pet.


Before You Install Artificial Grass, Check Local Regulations

If you do plan to install artificial grass, however, check to see if your neighborhood or HOA allows it. Believe it or not, even though it saves water and money, some communities ban its use. Nothing would be worse than paying for an entirely new synthetic lawn, only to find out you have to tear it out the next week. Fortunately the trend is moving the right direction, with more and more HOA’s and communities approving artificial lawns.


Measure Your Yard

Use a tape measure to find the length and width of each area. If the area you plan to install the grass in is an odd shape, you may have to section it off into smaller squares or rectangles to get an accurate count. Next, multiply the length times the width of each area and add. That will be your approximate square footage.


Get a Rough Estimate of the Cost Before You Pull the Trigger

To see if you can afford the initial cash outlay, you can calculate an approximate cost before you call an installer. Costs per square foot range from $10 to $12.50. Estimate high, so you’ll be prepared in case you have any factors that could raise the price.


Call Your Best Local Providers for An Official Estimate

After you’ve narrowed down your list of providers, they may need to see your home in person to determine if any other factors may affect cost. As we explain in our artificial grass installation ebook, the cost may rise if installers have to remove trees, root systems, or other material before installation. Fences and steep hills, too, on your property, may make the work go slower and cost more. Your drainage system may be another factor.

Materials can also differ in cost. A premium turf for a putting green, for example, will cost more than regular-grade turf.

On the other hand, some installers may give you a discount per square foot if you have a large yard. Large yards are easier to install in most cases, since they don’t require as much cutting.

Many estimators can save time if they use Google Earth to eyeball the site before coming to your home.  The accurate measurements from this online tool can save as much as a day’s time.


If You’re a Do-It-Yourselfer, Estimate Artificial Lawn Install Cost Plus Time

Although DIYers can save a hefty amount of cash by installing the lawn themselves, they need to remember to calculate the hours they’ll spend planning, preparing and installing. If you’re a DIYer, it will probably cost you $2-$3 per square foot of turf – not including taxes – for high-quality synthetic lawn grass. You’ll also need to fork over some cash for other materials, including seam tape, weed barrier fabric, and bender board, among other items.


Decide What’s Best for Your and Enjoy Your New Synthetic Lawn

Once you’ve chosen a provider or decided on the DIY route, get the area ready by moving planters, rocks, and other lawn ornaments out of the way. After your new lawn is in place, it’s time to call in the neighbors and friends to celebrate. After all, your lawn will be the prettiest on the block!

For an estimate on a lawn you’ll be proud to show off, call 916-899-6660 today, or click to email info@millerssyntheticturf.com.