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Synthetic Lawn Installation: Working With a Great Turf Company

You’ve finally decided that you’re ready to have the greenest, most manicured, lowest maintenance lawn on the block. You’ve done our research and have learned of the many benefits of synthetic grass. At this point you could practically write a book about it.

Today’s synthetic grass looks beautiful, stands up like real grass blades and feels soft under our feet. It helps keep yards from being inundated with ticks, fleas and other pests and makes our surroundings more allergen free. Infills are available that don’t contain toxins or chemicals. It dries faster after a rainfall, doesn’t get puddled or muddy, and drains readily into the soil beneath.

You are super psyched. And what’s more . . .

Artificial lawns require no fertilizers or pesticides; no watering, mowing, seeding, sodding or trimming. So little work will be required, in fact, that you’ll almost feel a bit guilty when you hear those weekend mowers revving up around the block. Perhaps a game of croquet will keep your mind off it.


Synthetic Lawn Installation


Meanwhile, the un-maintenance savings will put money back into our bank after just a few years (and then keep on putting it in). You’re always happy to be saving money while also saving natural resources (to the tune of tens of thousands of gallons of water per year). You’ve decided that an eco-friendly, chemical-free, synthetic lawn is the right choice for you, and for the environment.


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Artificial Grass Lawns: 9 Reasons to Invest Today

As the days get longer and people are spending more time outside, the state of our lawns becomes highly important. After all, the barbecue season is upon us, and with the warmer weather, our kids and pets are going into play mode.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to spend all that time maintaining our yards and could actually enjoy them? Don’t we want our children and pets to breathe fresh air and not worry about contact with chemicals that could make them sick? What if we could simultaneously increase our property value? If any of these questions resonates, it just might be time for you to switch from natural grass to artificial grass lawns. 


Your Artificial Grass Lawns Will Always Be Green

It’s normal in any neighborhood for us to look at each other’s lawns and yards. We marvel at impressive landscaping. We secretly judge when someone threatens the property values on our street with their unkempt, neglected grass.

Artificial turf has come a long way since its creation decades ago. Fake grass now looks exactly like real grass. Switching to an artificial lawn means no more unsightly brown spots or bare patches – only vibrant, luscious green grass that will make your yard the envy of your block all year round.


Your Down Time Should Actually Be Down Time

We all want nice lawns, but it sure does require loads of upkeep. We have to seed the lawn, water the lawn, fertilize the lawn, spray the lawn, mow the lawn a few times a month. What’s the point of having a yard if you’re too busy maintaining it to actually enjoy it?

Artificial grass does not require watering, mowing, or pest control the same way natural grass does. It’s always ready to host that garden party or play date. You can enjoy an ice cold beverage from your perfect looking lawn that requires no time or effort, while watching your neighbors slave away at theirs.


Safe, Pet Friendly Artificial Grass From A Diamond Certified Installer

Our pet friendly artificial grass has been puppy-roll and kitty-scratch tested. As a NorCal synthetic grass installation company, we offer a full range of products to accommodate different usages and budgets. Whether your grass is primarily for achieving a rich green vista or for accommodating hard-core play, we’ve got your needs, and your top soil, covered.

There are many types of artificial grass available on the market today. It comes, literally, in all shapes and sizes. Grass blades can be taller, shorter, thinner or wider.  Padding can be sufficient or quite plush. Infill can be of lesser or more quality. When it comes to our furry friends – and all of our customers – safety tops the list of Miller’s artificial turf priorities; followed in short order by beauty, durability, maintainability, and play-ability. Continue reading to learn why you should get artificial grass for your pets today!

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Where Is Artificial Grass Used?

Anywhere and everywhere. We’ve installed our low maintenance, eco-friendly grass on private lawns, in public parks, on golf courses and sports fields, in public dog runs and kennels – and more. Miller’s has been in the artificial turf business for over 10 years and we’ve really seen the turf product evolve. We are always striving to provide our customers with what we know to be the best of what’s available.


How We Provide Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Pets love our grass because they can have fun on it. With the exception of digging holes (which most of us would prefer they didn’t do on real or fake grass – hole digging will have to be reserved for field trips only), pets can do just about everything they want to . . . run, jump, roll, scratch, fetch, shed, slobber, pee. Let’s face it, dogs aren’t always elegant – but they are cute and sweet and loyal and they love us. That’s why we do all we can to give them love back.


Residential Artificial Grass Benefits | Sacramento & NorCal Area

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In areas of the country that experience drought conditions like California and the southwest, utilizing synthetic grass in your back or front yards can go a long way towards conserving water and protecting the environment. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of synthetic turf for your home:

Artificial Grass’ Realistic Appearance

Our synthetic grass is designed to look and feel just like real grass. From a distance it is virtually impossible to tell that our grass is not the real thing. It is unlikely that your family, neighbors or guests will really be getting down on the ground to study your lawn, and even then, we’ve heard from past customers that they can’t tell it’s artificial.

To the casual observer, which most people will be, your lawn will look every bit as real as any other lawn on your block.

Our synthetic grass is available in lengths ranging from 1 inch to 2-1/2 inches, depending on the specific product you choose. This lets you pick the grass length that is best suited to your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a neatly manicured look or want something that looks a bit more lush, we have the artificial grass for you.

Synthetic Turf Has a Long Lifespan

Artificial grass is built to last and can withstand the elements in virtually any type of climate. Past clients in all areas report that their synthetic lawns are thriving many years later. Our turf is resistant to the harmful effects of the sun, so it will not be discolored or faded by UV rays over time.