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Synthetic Grass in Florida | How Can I Improve My Garden?

This guest post was written by Southwest Greens, a Florida synthetic grass company.

Your garden is already a beautiful staple to your home. But are you ready to take your garden to the next level? Then it’s time to swap your garden’s natural grass with artificial turf. No matter if it’s a vegetable, herb, or flower garden, this vital part of your yard can benefit from synthetic grass in Florida. Keep reading to learn about all of the ways that artificial grass can improve your gardening experience.  

6 Reasons to Use Synthetic Grass in Florida for Gardening

  • Saves Time: Your time is precious. Luckily, synthetic grass does not require any mowing or maintenance, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your garden.
  • Conserves Water: Using artificial grass for your garden eliminates the need to water your yard. In fact, replacing your natural lawn with a synthetic one saves an average of 55 gallons of water per square foot every year.
  • Pet-Friendly: If you have a pet, you can rest easy knowing that installing plastic grass will eliminate digging around your garden and guarantee easy clean up for any mess that your pet may leave behind.
  • Extremely Durable: Synthetic grass will help your garden withstand any and all garden games and last for years to come.
  • Mess-Free: Muddy footprints and paw prints in your house becomes a thing of the past thanks to artificial turf.

Make all of your friends and neighbors turn green with envy by having the best garden on the block. All you need to do is replace your natural lawn with artificial turf. For the best synthetic grass in Florida, look no further than Southwest Greens. Request a FREE consultation from one of our professional turf specialists to get started today!

How Much Does It Cost To Install Artificial Grass?

What is the true cost of installing artificial grass? We often get asked this question. Our answer? Nothing. That’s because true cost of installing artificial grass is really not a cost at all. It’s savings that could amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

Of course, artificial grass is not free. Installing artificial grass requires an upfront investment. But once you have your artificial lawn installed, the savings quickly rack up. Compared to high maintenance natural grass the ongoing costs of artificial grass are negligible. Your artificial lawn will likely pay for itself out of these savings in only 3-5 years. We guarantee our lawns for ten years but we expect they will last twenty-five.

In this post, we will walk you through the upfront costs of installing artificial grass. We will also compare the cost of the alternative. Then we will work through how to budget and plan to keep installation costs low and return on investment high.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Artificial Grass
Let’s get straight to the nitty-gritty.

How Much It Costs to Install Fake Grass

For a Californian backyard, say 1,200 square feet, artificial grass would cost

•    $12,000 to install (based on an average price of $10.00 per square foot); and
•    $175 maintenance cost (an annual power brush) per year.

For the same Californian backyard, natural grass would cost

•    $3,000 to install; but
•    $2,088 per year to maintain.

Obviously, artificial grass will cost you more in year one. Natural grass will look good in year two also. But once we hit year three artificial grass starts to look like a winner. Beyond year five, your artificial grass will just keep on winning, saving you thousand$.

Artificial Grass Prices Outweigh The Long Term Cost of Real Grass

The cost of not installing artificial grass is $1913 per year. That cost isn’t going away.


Artificial Grass Prices: The Best Guide to Installation Costs

What’s the bottom line for artificial grass? The most frequently asked questions we hear today are financial.  Most people know something about the many benefits of artificial grass, it seems. So now we get asked more and more questions about the costs. Can I afford to install it? Is it worth it long term?

People wanted to know so we pulled together what we’ve learned over the years. In this post, you will find synthetic lawn installation costing tips, a return on investment crib sheet and a triple bottom line to ponder.

Artificial Grass Prices

Top tips for determining artificial grass prices

1) How to get an estimate for installation

To get started, call a few local artificial grass installers and ask about their process for providing a quote, as well as what the typical projects costs are. This will help you plan your budget. The estimators will first want to know the square footage of your yard. To calculate this, first measure the length and width of then multiply the two amounts together. This is the square footage. If your yard is an unusual shape, you can ask estimators to look up your address on Google Earth.

2) The range of artificial grass installation costs

Make sure the installers provide estimates per square foot fully installed, including labor & materials. Expect a price around $10-$12 per square foot, or $14-$16 for more exacting projects like putting greens. If the price is significantly higher or lower, buyer beware. Low artificial grass prices usually mean low quality.

Legitimate differences between installers can affect the price, too. The type of turf and additional products like gopher mesh and premium infill and good examples of this. However, there are some pitfalls you can avoid.

3) Beware the small print in artificial grass installation quotes

When you have chosen an installer, you can ask for a final quote for the project. Including the issues below in the quote will help you avoid nasty surprises.


13 Benefits of Artificial Grass Lawns

artificial grass ebook guide download 2017More people than ever are making the switch from natural to artificial grass, and when you look at the many advantages, it makes perfect sense.  Here at the top benefits of artificial grass. 

1. Superior Looking Than Real Grass

No matter how much of a green thumb you are, at some point, there will be unsightly dead or bare spots in your lawn because you can’t control how dry and hot it’s going to be. Artificial grass really looks like lush, green grass and will never dry out. The color won’t fade because built-in UV inhibitors prevent sun damage.

2. Enjoy Using a More Durable Yard

All that reseeding, plowing, watering, weeding, spraying, mowing you have to do to maintain natural grass can be spent actually enjoying your yard, since there is virtually no upkeep required for artificial grass. Imagine all the fun and relaxation you can have with your friends and family with all that free time. You also won’t have to worry about tracking muddy footprints into the house, so go ahead and let loose.

3. Better For Sports and Active Play

Because artificial grass is more resilient than real grass, you don’t have to worry about wrecking the lawn when you’re throwing the football around or chasing the kids. Fake grass won’t tear and form slippery muddy patches, so you’re less likely to slip and fall while you’re playing. Since there’s a shock-absorbent cushion underneath artificial grass, you are less likely to suffer sprains and related foot, knee, and leg injuries.

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