artificial grass puttin green
If you love outdoor activities, a backyard artificial grass putting green is the perfect addition to your home! A custom putting green offers golf enthusiasts or putt-putt lovers, like us, the perfect spot to practice their stroke.

Our backyard putting greens offer the same look and feel that we would enjoy at any golf course. Our expert design and professional installation team collaborate to create custom breaks, bunkers, hole placements and elevations. 

A Custom, Artificial Backyard Putting Green Just for Your Home

Nothing beats hitting the links, but a backyard putting green comes close. Read below to learn the benefits of adding this feature to your backyard and working with us on your next putting green project.

  • Our precise attention to detail makes for a very high-quality putting green. The use of aluminum cups instead of plastic eliminates the risk of cracked holes and potentially expensive repairs.
  • We provide a backyard putting green that offers professional design. When it comes to customizing, there are many options in terms of breaks and angles. Fringe can also be included for added realism and the chance to work on your chipping.
  • We all know the saying “practice makes perfect.” Well, a backyard putting green allows us to practice as much as we want. Start scoring better and avoiding those double bogeys. If the putting green is right in your backyard, making time to practice is a breeze.

  • The easy access of a backyard, artificial grass putting green saves time. Let’s face it, we all live busy lives. Between work, kids, sports and other things, we do not always have time for the enjoyable things in life, like the game of golf. Sometimes, the only thing stopping us from hitting the green is the inconvenient drive to and from the course. But with a backyard putting green, time is no longer a factor.
  • In addition to saving time, we all like to save some money. Practice fees, gas expenses, and more can add up, making a day of golf cost a lot more than just that membership fee posted on the sign. By investing in a backyard putting green, especially a high-quality green with low maintenance, you are saving money on your hobby. And the best part is, everyone can join in!
  • A backyard putting green allows you to enjoy the game more. There is no rush – nobody coming up behind you waiting for you to complete the next hole. It is just you, a beautiful afternoon and joy of sinking putt after putt.
  • Not only will you be saving money on practice fees, you’ill also be saving money on water and conserving our state’s most precious resource! Real grass guzzles down water, especially during the summer. However, artificial grass can save up to 50% of residential water usage each year! By replacing your backyard grass with a backyard putting green made of artificial turf, you will save money on your water bill and help the environment.

So, you love the idea of a backyard putting green, but next comes the big question – what is the installation process actually like?

The Artificial Putting Green Installation Process

After installing millions of square feet of artificial turf at homes, day care facilities, backyards and businesses, we know that we will get the job done right for you the very first time. All of our turfs are installed with proper drainage systems and our products are backed by a ten-year warranty. To top it off, all of our turf is 100% recyclable.

We offer superior products and can proudly say that ALL our synthetic grass is made in the U.S.A. We maintain strict quality requirements to ensure that every customer receives nothing but the best from our team. We are certified and trained, ensuring that we properly install your new investment without any problems.

We proudly boast the reputation of being the golfers choice for premium grade synthetic turf putting greens. Our turfs are specifically designed with a variety of putting breaks and angles. The aesthetics and surface quality of our backyard putting greens are unparalleled!

Our Company’s Heritage of Quality Service artificial grass puttin green

Our family-owned company has been in the industry for over ten years now, and we are dedicated to our customers. We are California’s fastest growing artificial grass company and full-service installer serving Sacramento and the NorCal area. 

We are proud to have received the Diamond Certified Qualification from American Ratings Corporation. We received this award based on the quality of our customer satisfaction, and it is one of the most prestigious awards across all industries. Our avg. review from past clients was 97.8/100!

Our company philosophy says it all – “Satisfying our customers is our first priority.” Our team is a great group of people who like to have fun, work hard and make our customers as happy as can be. We have strong team and we are all proud to be a part of it!

Contact us today at 916-899-6660 for a free quote and to get expert advice for your next artificial putting green project.