Many people in the market for artificial grass installation are exploring the web for customer feedback. They want to know if the products to choose from are high quality, which companies they can trust, and what to expect in terms of durability, aesthetics and maintenance. 

Online, public reviews are incredibly helpful and an important part of this process. Our company just so happens to be one of the highest rated - if not the highest rated - installer of artificial grass in all of California. 

Recently we became a Diamond Certified company, one of the most prestigious and rare honors for any company across all industries. To receive such recognition, the Diamond Certified organization contacts dozens of past customers by phone, asking them questions about their experience with us and how satisfied they were with the job we’ve done. To pass the certification process, your company must receive a score of at least 90+ out of 100.

We received a score of 97.8! 

On top of gathering testimony from previous clients, the Diamond Certification organization will do a background check to ensure a business has the proper licenses and insurance relevant to their industry. Our certification is the proof you need that we only apply best industry practices and conduct top notch artificial grass installation.

Before you start to worry whether or not we serve your area, you should know that we cover a ton of ground: From Northern California all the way to San Francisco, and all the towns, cities and counties in between. Give us to call to see how far we’ll travel to get you the artificial lawn of your dreams - 844-639-8873 (TURF). Our company has offices in the Dublin, Pleasanton area and in Rocklin.

Below are some of the best artificial grass reviews on the web, and we're delighted these customers were so happy with their new lawn. Continue reading to see what our customers think about their new artificial grass vs real grass. 

Artificial Turf Reviews for One of the Top Companies In All of California

Our artificial turf company is reviewed on numerous, easily verifiable websites. Below is a summary of our scores. Later in this article, you can read exactly what people had to say about not only our turf products but working with the employees at our company. is a site where homeowners can find trustworthy help for their house, garden, or other residential property needs. It has gathered over 5 million total reviews and is used by 30 million homeowners. You can search the site 100% free, finding specialists who work on everything from kitchen sinks to sprinklers. Miller’s is highly rated on

Our Average Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

Quantity of Reviews: 49

What people are saying:

artificial turf customer reviews

artificial turf customer reviews

synthetic grass reviews


Summary of Artificial Turf Reviews on Yelp

When it comes to weighing the pros and cons of artificial grass, choosing the right company can make all the difference. While most people think of Yelp as a place to find the perfect restaurant at the right price, it actually serves as a review site for all types of businesses. Our artificial turf company has been on Yelp for years, gathering extraordinary reviews from people who worked with us to install synthetic grass at their home or business. 

Our Average Rating: 4.9 / 5.0

Quantity of Reviews: 57

What people are saying:

synthetic turf reviews

synthetic turf customer reviews

artificial turf customer testimonials, product


Artificial Turf Reviews Related to Product

Rather than sitting at your computer or staring at your mobile phone for an inordinate amount of time, looking for the information you need, we’ve broken down our reviews by category. The images you see below are taken from our public profiles on Yelp or We’ve focused specifically on customers who speak to the realism of our artificial grass and the quality of our turf product.

Before you make the decision to buy synthetic turf for your home, business or sports field, do some research on what makes a quality product. As the artificial turf industry has taken off, too many businesses have decided to cut corners, installing low quality, low durability grass. The result is a loss in the maintenance savings you may have expected when you decided to switch to an artificial lawn. We back our products with a ten year warranty, even though we fully expect they’ll last a quarter century.

Lastly, artificial turf products should be friendly to the environment. Everything we use is 100% recyclable. We’re also members of the GreenScape Initiative, a program that promotes conservation, recycling and getting rid of pollution by using eco-friendly landscaping.

Two potentially hazardous compounds that we NEVER use in our synthetic turf are crumb rubber fill and lead. Ask your artificial turf installer if they can confirm these compounds are not present before your buy.

artificial grass testimonials

artificial grass testimonials

artificial grass testimonials


Synthetic Turf Reviews Related to Customer Service

Similar to the process above, we’ve pulled the the reviews that highlight our professional and friendly customer service. This part of our company really speaks to the culture instilled by founder Jason Miller, who expects excellence from his team and always preaches a “customer first” mentality. We don’t just want to get in, replace your lawn and get out - we want you to love us. Our team takes the time to address your specific needs, customization and ensure your new grass is looking exactly the way you envisioned it.

 artificial turf reviews

artificial turf reviews

synthetic turf reviews

FAQ’s About Synthetic Turf

If you still have questions related to the benefits of artificial turf, or pricing you can always call 916-899-6660 or email us at Some frequently asked questions we receive are below.

Q: Is artificial turf compatible with pets?

A: Absolutely, your pets will love our grass and hardly know the difference. The product we use is 100% safe for animals and children

Q: What type of maintenance is required for artificial lawns?

A: Very little - just use a hose to water off some debris every couple of weeks. We install a drainage system for pet urine and normal pet waste is cleaned the same way. Look forward to never having to mow your lawn again. 

Q: Can the sun harm synthetic grass?

A: Not ours - we use a built-in UV inhibitor to protect the synthetic fibers. It will not change colors or need to be replaced due to sun damage. We design our grass with top-notch American made materials.


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artificial turf reviews


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