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best artificial grass for pets, synthetic turfYour pets can be rough on grass-scratching, digging - and more nasty stuff that happens. The synthetic turf that our Sacramento artificial grass company uses can take the pounding. We will work hard to design areas that will stand up to any abuse from your pets.

The products we install are GUARANTEED TO LAST! Not everyone can say or stand behind that! REMEMBER…A warranty is only as good as the company upholding it.

Your will love our pet friendly artificial grass because it looks and feels like a real lawn. Miller’s Synthetic Turf products were designed for dogs specifically. The unique drainage system we install with our product keeps your lawn super clean. Installing synthetic turf for your dog eliminates the effort and time spent with damaged lawns, dead spots, and offers relief from dreadful muddy paw prints.

We stand behind our ten year warranty and furthermore we expect our turf to last up to 25 years. Miller's also offers great financing opportunities and has the experience to anticipate your custom needs ahead of time. 

We also can't stress how environmentally and friendly all of our products are. They are thoroughly researched and are 100% safe. Because they require less chemicals than natural grass, they're a great choice for your dog or cat.

Miller's Synthetic Turf installs artificial turf for pets that remains clean, only 2015-03-02 17.10.15-1requires minor maintenance and is durable enough to endure your pet's abuse. The best part it's always available every day of the year, rain or shine.

Safe and pet friendly environment
Dogs love how it’s soft and grass-like
Urine drains through surface
Waste doesn't stain or discolor
Your yard is always ready
No more mud spots and yellow grass
Infills are 100% non-toxic
Waste is easy to hose off or pick up

Benefits Of Artificial Turf for Pets

No one knows pet turf like Miller's. We've been experimenting with ways to provide the ultimate experience for homeowners looking for synthetic grass for their pets. Dogs love to do their business on our synthetic grass! Installing turf that will withstand the damage from  dogs scratching and running while controlling odors presented many challenges - specifically with dog kennels. After years of development and research we've designed the best synthetic turf system for dogs.

Wide variety of available styles matching your regions indigenous grasses
Pet Safe
Built-in UV Inhibitors reduce reflective qualities of the turf
Reduces allergies
Eliminates need for chemicals, fertilizers or insecticides
Prevents rock and ground debris associated injuries
ADA compliant

Some of our work…

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