Artificial grass vs real grass: Ever wondered what the major differences are? You could be in for some surprises. We're a bit biased at Miller's Synthetic Turf, having laid down millions of square feet of synthetic lawn over the last 10 years, but we think you'll find these artificial grass benefits more than convincing. Continue reading to see how these two options stack up against each other. For info about cost and pricing, call us at 916-899-6660.


artificial grass vs real grassEvergreen & Always Freshly Cut 

Sure, you can water real grass every time it gets a bit hot and add all kinds of magic chemicals for growth, but it won’t always cooperate. Plus, those resources come at a significant long-term cost. Not so when you decide to install artificial grass. With heavy duty materials and built-in UV inhibitors, the perfect green canvas you see on day one is exactly what you can look forward to every day. You'll never have to worry about cutting it or fading color.

The Extinct Mower

There was once a bird in New Zealand called the moa and it was twice the size of an ostrich - no joke! Unfortunately it’s extinct now and has been for hundreds of years. Ditto for your mower; extinct from the moment you lay your beautiful artificial grass with its eternally fresh-cut look. Think of all that extra leisure time. Think of all those hours not spent walking in ever-decreasing circles in the blazing sun. And think of all those weeks not looking at a jungle of grass and knowing you have to cut it soon or the neighbors will be banging on your door. 


The Green Folding ROI

The cost & savings are long term with artificial turf and they can be in the tens of thousands. That’s just for a normal size residential home, too.

If you’ve replaced entire fields with artificial grass, that will shoot up into the hundreds of thousands. You won't need to maintain synthetic grass with costly machines that need petrol, oil or expensive repairs when they break down. You’re not paying for irrigation, reseeding or for someone else to do the job for you. So on average, your artificial grass will pay for itself in as little as three to five years, making it a safe, sound investment.


artificial grass vs real grassEnhanced Property Values

Word is getting around about the myriad of benefits of artificial grass and this hasn’t been lost on real estate agents or, more importantly, home buyers. You can realistically expect for not only the value of your property to increase, but your chances of selling it to be faster if you ever decide to switch to an artificial lawn. Home buyers who are paying attention to the state's long-term water problem will definitely see the value of artificial grass vs real grass. 


Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

No lawn mowers, no blowers and no trimmers mean no C02; your new artificial lawn is pollution-free and much better for the environment. You’d be surprised how many nasty gases lawn maintenance equipment emits into the atmosphere over the course of a year. By some accounts, up to 5% of the country's pollution comes from gas mowers alone. With Miller's Synthetic Turf, you can rest assured that your new lawn will be eco-friendly - and it's made of 100% recyclable materials.


No Pooper-Scooper Malfunctions

Ever tried picking pet waste up out of long grass? It’s probably one of the least attractive jobs in your life - but it’s gone forever with artificial grass. Your artificial lawn stays cut so your pet’s calling cards can be whisked away without any hassle. Each artificial turf yard also comes with a drainage system that flushes pet urine so it doesn't build up. In our experience pets love artificial grass just as much as real grass. 


Another Argument That Holds Water

Ever irrigated your lawn during a water crisis? It’s a great way to improve your popularity with the neighbors! And pick up a few fines from irate council wardens! Artificial grass doesn’t need any water; none! Local water authorities love that kind of thing. In fact, some are now offering water rebates to homeowners. With your water bill likely to be less than half what it was, it’s yet another way to save money (and face) with artificial grass. It really is clean and green in every way imaginable! 

If your city, town or county hasn't clamped down on over watering yet, that doesn't mean the future is necessarily brighter. No one can predict how much drought this state will experience going forward, but if you switch from real grass to an artificial lawn, you'll know with certainty that it won't affect you. 


artificial grass vs real grassA Stroke of Genius

Here’s a fun one before we get back to the serious stuff. Ever tried honing your golf skills in the grass backyard? It just doesn't have the same feel as a real putting green or chipping from the fringe. But with artificial turf you can install a championship style putting green to lower your handicap.

And if you’re a golf fan, we could have forgotten all the other benefits in this article; you were probably sold right there! Make your backyard get together's more enjoyable by adding a little bit of fun to your home. 


A Safe Sanctuary for Kids

And that means kids of any age, even babies. Ever seen a baby pick something up off the grass and put it in their mouth? Not nice, but if there are no fertilizers and pesticides in that grass it’s far less likely to be hazardous. With artificial grass you could almost eat your dinner off your lawn, though we don’t recommend it!


Deliverance from dirt

When it rains, your natural lawn gets muddy. The adults might know to take their shoes off before they come inside, but the kids won’t; especially if they’re at the critical stage in a game of hide and seek. And you can guarantee the dog or cat won’t wipe their feet either.

Real grass means real mud and dirt tracked through your house and onto your precious carpets. Artificial grass means no mud because there is none. So, if you want to add another big cost savings to this growing list, you can now add carpet cleaning.


Access All Hours

Ever seen signs saying ‘Keep off the grass’? Real grass is like that. It needs lots of TLC and time to itself. In fact experts suggest you shouldn’t use your lawn for more than 3 or 4 hours per day if you want to maintain its greenness. That’s a lot of time for one of your major play areas to be out of bounds! There's no such use restriction with artificial grass. Play on it, lie on it and love living on it as much as you want. It's incredibly durable and we back our product with a ten year warranty.

artificial grass vs fake grass


Artificial Grass vs Real Grass: Artificial Grass Wins

We’ll add one more reason you should choose artificial grass over real grass, and it’s a pretty important one. Buying our artificial grass means keeping your money in the USA, because all of Miller’s Synthetic Turf products are proudly American made.

At Miller’s, we’re certified by Pro Green and strive to provide the best synthetic grass available. We're also offering zero down financing, low interest rates and non FICO based credit options for people looking to get started on their new yard. 

 If you’d like to artificially enhance your world with the best lawn under the sun, say hi, we'd love to hear from you. For info about cost and pricing, call us at 916-899-6660. You can also check out our artificial turf reviews, and read what our customers say about how realistic their new artificial grass looks. Our service areas include:

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