Okay, here it is: the definitive guide regarding the pros and cons of artificial grass. In what ways is synthetic grass a wise investment for your home, business or sports ground, and where does it come up short? Let’s find out. We’ll start with the cons.

Con: Artificial grass can get a bit hotter underfoot than real grass. Not much -  just a bit. This can be avoided with some occasional watering prior to using it on very hot days.

The other downsides? There are none. (You probably didn’t think it’d be such a short list, huh?) Continue reading to learn why when it comes to artificial grass vs real grass, there's no competition. 

Pro: Looks like real grass

Artificial grass no longer has a reputation for being a tacky alternative to real grass because all the tackiness and all the problems that used to plague it have been swept aside through better technology and better materials. So much so that it often fools people into thinking it’s real!

This used to be one of the main stumbling blocks, back when artificial grass looked like a green buzz cut. Not anymore. A new generation of products has sparked a whole new wave of authentic and highly attractive synthetic turf. In fact, happy homeowners even say their visitors can't tell their lawn isn’t real grass unless they confess! Miller’s offers the most realistic artificial grass you can buy, and it’s made in the USA.

Pro: It’s a must-have in water-poor areasartificial grass pros and cons

This is one of the obvious benefits of artificial turf. If you live in a drought-prone area with all kinds of water restrictions, a live lawn can be the bane of your life. You want to go out there and give it a nice big drink. But what if the neighbors see! Worse, what if the water police happen to be walking by as you spray precious water all over the place?

If you have a live lawn in a water restricted area, you may as well sit back and watch it die. You’re far better off with an artificial lawn. No watering, no neighbor disputes, no fines, no hefty water bills; just lovely rebates if your city council or local water department recognizes the value of water conservation.


Pro: Artificial grass ‘lives’ for around 25 years

Think your typical organic lawn plans to live that long? You’d have to be perfect in terms of watering consistency and fertilizer use. Artificial grass requires no such TLC. It’s a happy carpet of soft, real-looking grass the kids will be playing on until they’re post-graduates. We expect our turf to last 25 years and it comes with a 10 year warranty.


Pro: No brown patches

You won’t see a dead patch on artificial grass because there’s nothing to dry off or die! It’s a maintenance-free picture of consistency that you can rely on to stay clean, green and blemish-free. It will always look freshly cut, and we’ve got built-in UV inhibitors to protect it from being damaged by the sun.


Pro: Environmentally friendlyartificial grass pros and cons

This is a biggie, especially in this day and age. An artificial lawn requires no mowers, edge trimmers or blowers. So there’s a big decrease in your personal CO2 emissions right there.

Over the course of a year the gas emissions from equipment used on a single real grass lawn can be a hefty portion of your carbon footprint. Artificial grass removes that from your conscience straight away. Real grass needs harmful chemicals to keep it in shape. Not so with artificial grass. Miller’s Synthetic Turf also uses an eco-friendly infill and 100% recyclable products.


Pro: Stands up to pets and kids

Do you have one of those crazy dogs that runs madly in excited circles around the back yard? Well, you probably don’t love the dirt brown trail your pet leave across your beautiful lawn, like a motocross race just occurred. With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about that.

When it comes to kids, we all love having swings and slides in the backyard until there’s lots of mud after a heavy downpour. With artificial grass you’ve got a thick, durable blanket of grass and zero chance of mess.


Pro: Stands up to sports weekend after weekend

Artificial turf playing fields are far more durable than grass. As a result, they can cope with more game time and practice time. And what about those horrible Saturday morning cancellations when real grass fields are waterlogged after an overnight deluge?

There’s no such thing as waterlogged artificial grass. A sophisticated drainage system keeps puddles from building up on top of the turf.


artificial grass pros and consPro: Artificial grass causes fewer sports injuries

Let’s face it, grass fields can be a bit of a minefield. They can be uneven and treacherous after rain. They get torn up by rough continuous play and are a recipe for leg injuries when feet or knees get dragged across them. With artificial grass your playing surface is even and dependable even in the foulest weather. Sports fields, due to their enormous size and water usage, also offer the greatest return on investment & overall savings.


Pro: Artificial grass is an investment

No joke. Lay your lawn in artificial grass and the value of your property could be on the rise before you can say ‘Call the real estate agent.’ Buyers want low maintenance homes, especially with the water crisis going on in this state.

And while they can look at new exterior paintwork and know they’ll probably need to repaint in ten years, artificial grass gives them about twenty-five years of cost-free, maintenance-free outdoor living.

Realtors know this and now use it as a major selling point. Quite simply, artificial grass can add value to your home’s market worth and could increase your chances of a quick sale.


Pro: Artificial grass pays for itself in 3-5 years

We’ve talked about all the cost savings – water, fines, mowers, edgers, blowers, fertilizers, pesticides – and you can add hired maintenance people to that as there’s no need for them. All things considered, your synthetic lawn will pay you back quickly and easily.

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