artificial grass for petsMany people would like to get artificial grass because it looks great all year long, but they're unsure if it is suitable for their pets.

Artificial grass has come a long way over the past few years -- which is good news for homeowners and their pets! It means that the days of worrying about your pet dirtying, tearing up, or hating your new artificial lawn are far behind you.

Today, artificial grass comes in a wide variety of thicknesses and styles. You can easily find the type of grass that makes your lawn look fabulous while still mimicking the feel of traditional grass.

Methods of manufacturing and installation of artificial grass have improved immensely. It’s now stronger and heartier than ever. Your new lawn will last for many years to come -- even if you have a whole bunch of pets! We back our product with a ten year warranty, but expect it to last up to 25 years.

Many pet owners are still unsure as to whether getting artificial grass is right for them. To help you make the best decision, we've tackled pet owners' top questions about getting artificial grass below. If you have more questions that aren't answered below, contact our Sacramento artificial turf company at 916-899-6660. 

Will my pet enjoy using artificial grass?

Of course they will! Artificial grass is not just designed for aesthetics, but also for comfort and practicality. This is why many dogs and other pets find that they enjoy their artificial grass turf far more than a traditional grass lawn.

Even if it has been raining, you can rest assured knowing that your artificial grass will dry much faster than regular grass. This is great news for both you and your pets as it means you can send them out to play much sooner. What's more, with all your ground completely covered, you won't have to worry about them tracking wet or muddy paws back through the house when they're done!

In many ways, artificial grass is far more fun than a traditional grass lawn for dogs and other pets to roll around, play, and rest on.

Is artificial grass durable enough to withstand my pets?

Most definitely! These days, artificial grass is manufactured with kids and pets in mind - meaning that it's crafted to be highly durable and safe, even during playtime. In fact, artificial grass is so durable that your pet won't be able to scratch or make holes in it.

In addition, when installed correctly using 5 inch non-corrosive spikes, your artificial grass will be so firmly attached that your pet will find it difficult -- if not impossible -- to get under a corner or dig it up.

There are many types of artificial grass to choose from, with some being thicker or heartier than others. So before you get yours installed, ask to see the most durable forms of artificial grass your provider has.

artificial grass for pets

Is artificial grass safe for my pet?

Artificial grass is absolutely safe for pets (and humans too!) and there are several reasons why. One of which is that artificial grass is designed to be non-toxic. The products we use are also 100% recyclable. As a result, there's no need to worry you are exposing your pets to something that could damage their health.

Secondly, because artificial grass completely covers the ground, your pets will no longer be exposed to fleas, ticks, and other biting bugs that hide in grass. This means they will be healthier and far happier with an artificial lawn!

Another perk of artificial grass is that you won't need to worry about your pets coming into contact with fertilizers or weed killers. With no weeds growing up or bare patches of earth needing covering, you can relax knowing your pet is safe from these common harsh garden chemicals.

What if my pet goes to the bathroom on the synthetic grass?

Your artificial grass has been designed to let liquids of all kinds, including rainwater and pet urine, drain through as quickly as possible. So even when your pet does his or her business on your artificial grass it will leave no lingering stains.

Cleaning up pet waste is the same, only with shorter grass blades it’s much easier. To ensure an area remains sanitary, remove any solids as you usually would. Then simply spray on a small amount of liquid soap onto the area (especially if there are any traces left behind) and hose or rinse it off.

You can use a small amount of liquid soap, but regular hand soap is best. There is no need to use an antibacterial or other harsh chemical cleanser as soap and water is plenty to get rid of any germs and all odors. Keep in mind that harsh chemicals and products may damage the appearance or color of your grass which is why we recommend using hand soap.

Artificial grass: a wonderful choice for both you and your pet

There's really no need for pet owners to worry about getting artificial grass installed. It’s safe, clean, and pets enjoy playing on it just as much as real grass. And don’t overlook the enormous financial benefit when making this decision. Most people recoup their initial investment in synthetic lawns in about 3-5 years. Over the lifetime of the product you could save tens of thousands of dollars.

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