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We all lead busy lives, and many of us struggle to find the time for garden maintenance. But we still want to enjoy a beautiful yard whenever we get the chance. Artificial grass is a great solution – it requires very little care, looks good all year round, and is kind to the environment. Choosing the right turf company will also make the artificial grass installation a breeze. Should you decide you’d like to give synthetic turf a chance, here’s what to expect:


Synthetic Lawn Installation


Measuring your front and backyards

The first thing we’ll need to do is to make sure we’ve got the correct measurements for the area of your yard where you want the artificial grass to go. Artificial grass is sold in square footage, so if you have an irregularly shaped yard it makes sense to square off your measurements so we know we’re purchasing enough artificial turf.

We can easily work out the square footage by measuring the length and the width of your yard. Then we multiply these two numbers together – this is your square footage. To save time and quicken the consultation process, our staff is trained to use Google Earth and view your property from the web. We find we’re able to give accurate estimates using this tool without having to schedule an onsite visit.


Choosing the right artificial grass installer

Before you go ahead with an installation, it’s important to make sure that you’re working with a reputable supplier offering a high-quality product. Some companies offering low prices may be using low-quality materials that won’t be durable and will quickly deteriorate. This will cost you more money in the long run.

You should also be aware of any hidden costs – make sure you’re only being charged for the amount of turf that’s actually being used on your property, not any excess that they have bought for the installation but may not use. Always check your contract carefully, and ask to see the specifications and warranty of the turf before you make a purchase.

Our artificial turf company has a FAQ page with what to look out for.


Choosing the right type of synthetic grass

Once you find a trusted source, you can then make decisions about what type of artificial grass you want. Blades come in different lengths and thicknesses, and there are different backings available, so it’s important to discuss which is the most appropriate type for your yard before you buy.

While some people choose to take on the artificial grass installation process themselves, it’s always better to trust the job to an experienced professional – they know what they’re doing, and they have all the latest equipment to make the job easier and quicker. Mistakes can be expensive, and poor results can look unsightly; so if you’re not confident it’s far better to leave it up to someone who is!


Prepping for artificial grass installation

It’s likely you’ll have to have some prep work done in your yard before your artificial grass can be installed. For example, if you need any trees removed, the roots will also need to be dug out from under the ground, to make sure your artificial grass has an even surface to sit on. This will make the finished result look much more natural and attractive.

It’s also possible that some improvements may have to be made to the drainage of your yard. If there are currently any areas where water tends to pool, these will have to be leveled, otherwise your artificial grass could become waterlogged every time it rains. Ideally there should be channels at the sides, allowing the water to run away from the turf and into your drainage system.

Some yards are naturally going to be more complicated to install artificial grass on than others, due to size, shape, and any obstacles that the grass will have to be fitted around. These things all need to be taken into account when working out how much artificial turf we’re going to need, and estimating the length of time the job will take.


Weed prevention

The first step in the installation process is to lay a weed barrier cloth on top of the dirt where your artificial grass will be fitted. This will protect your lawn by helping to prevent weeds from growing through and damaging your grass.

While it’s not uncommon for the occasional weed to sprout through your turf, especially after heavy rainfall, their numbers will be drastically reduced in comparison to the numbers you’d find in a natural lawn, and they can easily be controlled with herbicide, which won’t damage your artificial grass. This is one of the main advantages of an artificial lawn – it saves you a great deal of time when it comes to garden maintenance!


Laying the artificial grass

Before your artificial grass can be installed, a layer of base material will need to be applied to the area. This has to be graded and compacted in order to create an even surface. It’s also ideal to make sure it’s sprinkled with water in order to cement it further. A compacted base surface will make sure your grass feels pleasant underfoot and also looks natural, as there will be no bumps or ridges.

Depending on your needs and how you are likely to use your artificial grass, you can also request that padding be installed on top of the base material, underneath the grass, to provide a softer surface.

Artificial grass comes in rolls, which will have already been cut to size to fit your yard. The strips will be laid precisely next to each other so no seams are visible. The pile is facing the same way on each strip to create the most natural looking lawn.

Once the entire area is covered, and the edges neatly trimmed, an infill material such as sand will be brushed over the top of your artificial turf. This helps to hold it in place by adding additional weight. To make extra sure your grass won’t move, it will also be pinned down around the edges using safe, non-corrosive five-inch spikes, placed approximately four to six inches apart.

That’s really all there is to it – you will now have a beautiful artificial lawn that can be expected to last up to 25 years, depending on how you intend to use it. No more mowing and no more need for water – a yard that is environmentally friendly and stays fresh and green, all year round.

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Artificial Grass Installation: A Step-By-Step Guide