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Artificial Grass Installation in Roseville, CA | Residential or Commercial

Miller's Synthetic Turf has been providing the highest degree of service to Roseville and Northern California residents since it was founded 10 years ago. We're one of the highest rated artificial grass installation companies in all of California. You can check out our artificial turf reviews here, which have an average score of 4.9 / 5 stars on Yelp and 4.8 /5 on HomeAdvisor. More recently we passed DiamondCertified.org's rigorous customer review survey, in which 100 former clients were contact about our service. We received an average rating of 97.8 / 100!

Whether you're looking for a synthetic lawn solution for your home, business, athletic field or putting green, the experts at Miller's can help. Our team is ready to respond to your email or take your call. We offer 100% free resources and advice so you can make the best decision and get the highest return on your investment.

The products that we use for your artificial lawn are eco-friendly and completely recyclable. If you're a designer or architect, using our artificial turf can help you acquire LEED certification points. We also help home owners meet specific drainage requirements, and in some cases enhance overall property value. Regardless of what you're looking for, we've got the experience to make your project successful - after all, we've installed over 1 million square feet of turf!

You can view an entire gallery of artificial lawn examples  - our portfolio, so to speak - to see how our finished product looks. We take pride in using the most realistic artificial grass on the market. All synthetic grass installs are backed by a 10 year warranty and come equipped with superior drainage systems.  We also don't subcontract work and we’re certified and trained by Pro Green to guarantee elite installation.


Artificial Turf for Roseville | About Our Grass

Folks interested in artificial grass installation naturally have a lot of questions. We've kept track of the most common ones we received and written an entire page devoted to providing you direct and honest answers.

Often we're asked how artificial turf interacts with the environment. The answer is it is 100% safe & eliminates the need for constant watering, conserving one of the states most precious resources. Some reports about water usage suggest that a family uses more h2O for their lawn than they do for all other water use combined. We've seen water bills be reduced by as much as 70%. 

Additionally, real lawns may take different fertilizers or chemicals to maintain. With our artificial lawns and grass you won't need to expose pets, children or the air with such potentially unhealthy products. Furthermore, expensive landscaping equipment is no longer required once you get artificial grass. If you do your own landscaping on a regular, bi-monthly basis, you will now have the freedom to take part in more enjoyable, leisurely activities. If you previously used a gas mower, you will be cutting down on air pollution significantly, as some studies suggest that as much as 5% of all pollution in America comes from gas mowers. 

Check out this full list of the benefits of artificial turf here. 


Synthetic Grass Installation for Pets

On the specific issue of pets, installing artificial grass is safe and friendly. We've seen that dogs, cats and other outdoor animals love our turf.  The product we use is incredibly strong and durable, with the ability to tough it out against the biggest dogs who try to dig it up. Normal grass is easily and often torn apart by large and even small dogs. But not our synthetic turf. We use 4-5 inch non-corrosive spikes to nail down the artificial grass, ensuring it stays in place. 

Urine and waste are drained through the surface, and there's zero discoloration. On this issue of maintaining a vibrant green color, this is where quality matters greatly. Our products are made in the USA, and as the turf industry has grown, so to have the number of businesses who low quality materials in an effort to boost their profit margins. 


Roseville Artificial Turf Installation | Cost and Return on Investment

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Miller's Synthetic Turf is happy to offer low interest rates and zero-down financing. Artificial grass is an incredible opportunity to save money long-term and drastically cut the amount of water you use. We also have non-fico based financing options for those interested.

On average, artificial grass installation costs $10-$12 per square foot. You can use a simple tap measurer to get an idea of what it would cost to replace your organic lawn. Measure length x width, and if you have a yard that has curves or is uniquely shaped, the best idea is to square it off to get a rough estimate of its overall size. 

When it comes to the cost savings associated with artificial lawns, we've mapped out what you can expect. The break even point is somewhere between 3-5 years. Over a 10 year period, you can easily save thousands over dollars. If you're replacing a large sports field, your investment may save hundreds of thousands. 

To get started on your residential, commercial or putting green project, call 1-800-844-639-8873 (TURF). Our friendly staff will be able to answer all your questions and assist you right away. You can also email us at info@millersyntheticturf.com. Examples of our service areas include:


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Real Customer Reviews of Miller's Synthetic Turf

We have some of the best artificial grass reviews in the industry. Enjoy what real customers have to say about our product and service below.

"We were content with our dead lawn - until we got a puppy. We got four fake grass folks in for quotes and are very happy we went with Miller's. Tony did something none of the others who came to quote did - he took into consideration the odd shapes of our space and the fact that the grass comes in 15' width rolls and worked out how he could cover the area with minimal waste. I really appreciated that - when the cost of everything is by square foot - grass, gopher wire, fill - it adds up quickly! He got us on the calendar in weeks, not months. We were skeptical when he said the job would only take two days. A large crew turned up on time, and got right to it! They were friendly and incredibly hard working!" - Elena E.

"I would recommend that if you are considering Artificial Turf you call Miller's because they are just great at this and their turf is better than any other estimates I had received and it looks beautiful.  My neighbors are jealous and a couple are thinking about using Millers to do the front yard." Eric E.