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Artificial Grass Lawns in Davis, California

Our artificial grass company provides the highest quality service - and we have the 5-star reviews to prove it, along with a recent Diamond Certification. Miller's Synthetic Turf, which has been growing for over a decade, is one of the top rated synthetic grass companies in the entire state, and uses only the most realistic artificial grass products

We're a family company that prides ourselves in putting customers first. We believe our reputation as an honest, hardworking company is what leads so many people to get in touch with us for their artificial grass needs.

Our installation team is comprised of our own employees, who are expertly trained in the industries best practices. We don't subcontract work to third party company's. We've been certified by Pro Green to guarantee the proper installation of your dream lawn.



A Great Investment: Artificial Grass for Davis Residents

Are you looking to install artificial lawn in your front or back yard? How about outside of your office?  No matter the case, our synthetic turf company has a solution. 

We believe the work we've done speaks for itself, which is why we've setup an enormous gallery we like to call our "portfolio." (Note, you may need to wait a few seconds for all the photos to load.) The pictures show our attention to detail and skill, as do the reviews from our customers which you can read below. 

Using artificial grass for your home or business can be a huge cost saver. Over the lifetime of the product, which is backed by a 10 year warranty, you could bank tens of thousands of dollars. It can also cut your water usage in half,  something desparately needed in the state of California. To learn more about the cost and long-term savings of turf installation, click here. You can also check out this full list of the benefits of artificial turf, which contains 23 reasons you should consider switching out your natural lawn.

Some common questions and answers for prospective residential and commercial buyers:

How strong is the turf?

Our synthetic grass can withstand even the strongest dogs trying to tear or dig at its corners. Yet it's still comfy enough for kids to play sports or games on.

How much maintenance does the artificial lawn need?

Those who don't have the time or the desire to maintain their lawns will be quite happy with artificial grass as a solution. Rain is a great natural cleaner. Other than that you can briefly use a hose from time to time to eliminate pollen or dust. The grass always has a freshly cut look and it will not lose its color due to built in UV inhibitors. 


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Our Experts Can Also Complete Custom Synthetic Grass Projects

Our turf is totally recyclable and environmentally friendly. It meets specific requirements for architects, builders and designers. If you're looking for LEED certification points, our turf can help. Another unique value add we offer is that all of our products are made in the USA. 

The turf we install also has excellent drainage capabilities, which is helpful if you have pets. It should be noted that the grass is totally safe for small children and animals, and you won't have any mud tracked into the house, ruining your carpers.

We can also installation artificial grass putting greens. These greens can easily help you shave strokes off your short game and improve your score. They're also a ton of fun for when you have guests over. To make the golfing experience incredibly real, we can setup fringe, angles, breaks and even customize the speed of the green.

Regardless of what project you need done, Miller's has the know how and experience to guarantee high quality installation and a successfully completed project.


The Benefits or Artificial Turf Installation | Davis Area

Not only can you recoup your initial investment in 3-5 years, you could end up saving tens thousands of the lifetime of the artificial lawn. Also, per square foot of artificial grass, you conserve 40,000-50,000 gallons of water per year! The water savings is so needed in the state of California that some communities of are offering incentives for home owners who want to make the switch. 

The air quality will also be greatly improved thanks to you. That's because artificial grass eliminates the need for chemicals, fertilizers and other types of natural grass care products.  Some estimates suggest that 5% of total air pollution in the USA is from gas mowers, which people use to cut their lawns. 

The turf we use will never turn yellow or discolor, there won't be patches of mud or puddles and your neighbors will surely be envious of your perfect looking landscape.  For those who want to decorate their backyard and add other items to their like trees, boulders, flower pots and more, we can install turf designed to meet any contours.  

On average a crew of 5 will be able to finish your yard in 1-2 days. The cost per square foot of artificial grass is around $10-$12.


Contact Miller's Today To Get Started On Your New, Synthetic Grass

Our company is happy to educate you on your options when it comes to artificial grass installation. We're here for you as a resource, and we'll show you some bad industry practices to look out for if you speak with other companies. We have plenty of do-it-yourself material you can review as well. 

Call us today at 844-639-8873 (TURF) or 916-899-6660. Receive a 100% free no obligation quote, and learn about our financing options. You can see some of our public reviews and recent articles about the benefits of our product below. Thanks for reading!

Synthetic Grass Reviews

"This is an amazing company and a pleasure to work with. They were very professional, reliable, on time and did excellent work. I wish there were more companies like this one." - William S., Sacramento

"This outfit is truly professional and very personable. They care about doing the job right and ensuring that you are pleased/satisfied/happy with the finished product. More businesses should follow their example in working with the customer and employing friendly, helpful employees." - Homeowner, Cool, CA.