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chico artificial grass, fake lawns
chico artificial grass, fake lawns

Chico and Paradise residents looking to improve their yards or commercial business landscape can contact us today for a free quote regarding artificial grass installation.

Miller’s Synthetic Turf has worked for over 10 years with people just like you to create  beautiful, customized lawns that not only save you maintenance time, but tens of thousands of dollars in costs associated with real grass. We provide the most realistic artificial grass - it never stains and will make your home or business the envy of your neighbors.

Our artificial turf reviews rank among the highest in all of California, with dozens of 5 star testimonials from satisfied customers. As a family business, there is nothing we care more about than getting the job done right, on time and delivering exactly what you hoped for. Recently we were rewarded for this philosophy by the Diamond Certified Organization, which award companies who have outstanding customer service. After interviewing 100 past customers, we received a net rating of 97.8 / 100!


Below you can find links to a gallery of jobs we’ve done, as well as real quotes from real customers who are thrilled with their decision to install artificial grass. Read a full list of the benefits of artificial turf here


Safe and Pet Friendly Artificial Grass in the Chico Area

Natural grass can activate people’s allergies and often requires chemicals that may not be environmentally friendly. Huge, unrepaired divots and slick mud can also be unsafe to run or walk on. It's an even greater pain when a pet tracks their muddy paws through the house. 

Artificial and synthetic grass never has these problems. The product we install is 100% recyclable and even helps designers and architects gain LEED certification points. There are no fertilizers or chemicals needed to maintain the grass, just light hosing very infrequently. The blades are between 1 and 2.5 inches and feature a sophisticated drainage system for pet waste. Our blades are made of very durable polyethylene fibers. 

Also from an environmental standpoint, artificial grass saves a ton of water, a much needed resource in the state of California. In some cases as much as 40 thousand gallons of water per year can be conserved. Water departments are paying attention to this dramatic value added by waterless grass, and in some cases are incentivizing homeowners to make the switch. If anything, you can avoid future regulations around over watering by switching out your organic lawn. 

Your pets will love playing on your new artificial turf, and there’s no need to worry about them damaging it in any way. The edges are pinned down with 5 inch non-corrosive spikes that are spaced approximately 4-6 inches apart, ensuring your turf stays in place.

Dog urine will flush through the turf's technically sound drainage system. Solid dog waste, which is cleaned in the same fashion as on normal grass, is easier to clean since the grass stays short. When it comes to artificial grass vs real grass, there's no debate - a synthetic lawn provides far more benefits. 


Residential & Commercial Artificial Lawn Installation FAQ’s | Chico

Artificial grass is a great decision in terms of returning value on your home or business. Most customers will get back their original investment in 3-5 years, and the rest of the time the money you save is profit. It should also be added that because it's such a great investment, it has the potential add to your property value and help you sell your home quicker. 

We back our product with an 10 year warranty, but we expect it to last 25 years. For homeowners with strict HOA’s, you can eliminate the stress of maintaining your yard and keeping it up to the neighborhood’s high standards.

The grass we install looks and feels totally real. You can run your hands over it before you decide to install and see real photos of the product here. Our artificial grass does not break down or discolor from sunlight because we use built-in UV inhibitors.


Synthetic Grass Installation for Chico Sports Fields or Putting Greens

We love spending weekends on a beautiful sports field as much as anyone. Our company has tons of experience installing artificial grass for soccer fields, football fields or playgrounds where athletes will be running around. High schools have been some of our most satisfied customers.

The shock resistance, safety features and added traction ensure each player will perform optimally. We have a wide variety of styles to meet your aesthetic needs.


Choose Miller’s For Your Artificial Grass Installation

A few things separate Miller’s from its competition. Our customer service is unmatched, as are our turnaround times on quotes and finished projects. We offer very competitive pricing, with each square foot of grass costing between $10-$12. We’ll educate you about what to look for when making your synthetic grass decision - and we’ll also share what ways other artificial grass companies may be giving you a bad deal.

We make our grass in the USA, something of a rarity nowadays. It has undergone years of research, development, testing and wear resistance to ensure it’s among the top products on the market. Surprisingly, you may find companies that use lead in their grass - but NOT us. 

To get started working on artificial grass installation for your home or business, call 844-639-8873 (TURF) or 916-899-6660. You can also email info@millerssyntheticturf.com. Send in a picture of your yard to help us provide you a quote, or use a tape measurer to figure out the width and length of your lawn. We service the entire Chico area, including: 


Real Artificial Grass Reviews From Real Customers

Looking for the best artificial grass reviews? See what some of our past customers said about their experience with us. 

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